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Path To College

One-to-One College Consulting and Planning for Students and Parents

Planning for college can be confusing and overwhelming. 

When it comes to planning for college admissions, there's A LOT for parents and students to sort through, understand, and keep track of:

  • SAT/ACT tests and test preparation

  • School selection

  • Completing the common app

  • Application essays

  • The passion project

  • Timing and deadlines

  • And more...


And that doesn't even touch on the financial aspect or frequently changing rules.

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My Path to College consulting package helps families with high school students in grades 9 - 12 make sense of the complex and ever-changing college admissions process.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Unsure of where - or how - to begin?

  • Frustrated with the limitations of your high school's college planning resources? 

  • Concerned about deadlines and missing out on opportunities that you're just not aware of?


If this describes how you're feeling, you're in the right place!

Price: $200 - $250/hour

The Path to College includes:

Did you know?

  • The College Board recently dropped the essay portion of the SAT. 

  • A junior year summer internship may actually harm your student's college admissions chances. 

  • A 4.0 (or higher) GPA may not even be considered by some school admissions departments.

The Path to College

Contact me to learn more about my college planning consulting package.


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