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The NEW Digital SAT® Preparation


The SAT may be the most important test a student can take. As the standard used by most colleges and universities for admissions and financial aid, you can ill-afford average results on the SAT.


Make the most of your SAT preparation time and effort with personalized SAT prep tutoring, covering both sections of the SAT.

Students will learn:

  • The new digital SAT structure and how to navigate the test on the screen.

  • How to answer ALL questions - ensuring your maximum score potential.

  • What specifically to look for in the Reading and Writing section.

  • Math section strategies that work regardless of your math capabilities.

  • How to use the DESMOS on-screen calculator.

  • The single most important skill for the entire test.


SAT tutoring is a valuable supplement to the SAT preparation provided in high school. It's ideal for students who struggle to find the time to prepare, are overwhelmed with the material, or are just feeling the pressure as test day approaches.


  • All-inclusive: A set of 10 online test prep tutoring sessions. Each session is one hour in duration. Price: $200/hour


  • Single sessions: One hour, online test prep tutoring session. You choose how many sessions you would like prior to your test date. Price: $250/hour

We also offer one-to-one online tutoring for ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT preparation.

Contact us to learn more.

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